Rik Lander artworks

From shouting rubbish bags to a memory trapped in a mirror, most of Rik's installations are interactive in a very non-technical way. The viewer is often not just an observer, they are integral to the story of the piece. It all started with a live show...

Duvet Brothers live multiscreen show, 1984-88
The Duvet Brothers 21 screen, 3 source multiscreen show perfected between 1984 and '88 and restaged at Dundee Contemporary Arts in 2010 explored temporal and spacial possibilities that linear scratch video could not itch. The show was very powerful but I wanted to make the viewer more active. After I split with Peter Boyd Maclean I made Trial By Media below. The video on the left is Harry (1986) however it is not shown as it would have been seen live on 21 screens.
14 screen, five source video installation, 1989.

First, post-Duvet solo commission for the World Wide Video Festival, Den Haag. It tentatively moved scratch into three dimensional narrative as the story developed over space and time and was partially driven by the viewer. It began to explore the possibility of placing the viewer into the narrative in an experiential rather than passive role.

The Memory Dealer
Various installations as part of the pervasive drama

SHOWN HERE: A wardrobe mirror with memories trapped within. Pillows that replay a memory of last night's pillow talk. Surveillance equipment that reveals the secrets of the spies and a tent containing projection mapped memories.

Triggered mechanical rubbish bags, 2002

A pile of rubbish bags that move and shout at you if you come near. My most successful piece if success is based on frightening small children. They go berserk when they see it and want to hurt it. They don't understand the philosophical rubbish it speaks. It is dirty and faceless and they can't work out what triggers it, so it often catches them when they are close.

Adults like it too, but they appreciate the humour of the rubbish philosophy, or read ecological messages into it.

Case of a Man
Recycled parts - an old radio cabinet, a broken camcorder and a sampler from a previous installation, 2002.

Near the case is a pressure mat that triggers a sample that invites passers by to open the box. Inside is a video loop viewed on a tiny screen through a magnifying glass. The loop shows a box identical to the one you are looking into. The man in the box is amazed to see you in the box and asks why you are in the box.

Every Shoe My Children Wore
Shoes, camera, tripod, video

Every Shoe My Children Wore, Dexter and Every Shoe My Children Wore, Stella are pieces that have been in production since 1991. Every year for 20 years I videoed each of my children removing the lens cap then replacing it. Each installation has a trail of every pair of shoes they wore until age 20 with the looping video playing on the tiny monitor of a camera on a tripod.
Space Required: Minimum 3m x 5m for each installation
Watch For Mystery Pays
One armed bandit, digital video, sensors, amplifier

Funded by a Bursary from Royal West of England Academy and Centre for Moving Image Research. A functioning vintage one armed bandit has a small boy trapped inside. He wants you to leave it and him alone. Will you resist the urge to pull the arm? What will happen if you do?