Rik Lander artworks

In 1994 I saw an interactive CDROM called BLINDROM that was attached to Mediamatic magazine. It really inspired me. In those days the web was so slow CDROMS were the only way to do elaborate interactivity. My first web drama came out in 2001.

Image from the Memory Dealer
Photo: Bernard Zieja
interactive drama, 2014

How to Get to the TOP in Digital Drama is a michchievous new headphone drama that uses an app to allow you to become an attendee at a virtual conference. It is written especially for an audience of theatre makers and academics at the Value of Theatre conference at the Watershed on September 15th 2014.

Tickets are available for whole workshop or just the play. FREE
You can find out more here.
web drama, 2001
Web drama, box containing muliple parts.

A complex narrative on the web with a box that could be ordered online and delivered free. It explores questions about just how much satisfaction online capitalism can supply and removes the autonomy and liberty of movement from the reader/player by implying that whatever choice they make the retailer already knows it. Or it thinks it does – the story is really about the breakdown of the relationship between desire and satisfaction.

room 11 (this can’t be the place) Pervasive Drama
Site specific installation using photography, audio and video, 2005

An entire hotel was taken over by a group of artists with each given their own room. Only one person could enter Room 11 at a time. Multiple media created atmosphere; buzzing flies, whispering photographs and ansaphone messages of a man describing how luxurious his room is. A light shone from under the bed, which was skewed from the horizontal. Underneath were scattered scissors and a tiny monitor switching between a shot of you, lying on the floor and a woman exploring the room. The effect is a form of abstracted narrative. Is she the wife? Was he a scissor salesman? Did he die here? Are you now lying where he was found? More documentation.
Together Alone, Web Drama Development, 2008
User generated web drama / talent show.

Funded by South West Screen, the idea of Together Alone was a user generated drama with all the quality control of a professional drama. The cast went through an online audition process. In the video you can see that every cast member, even in the same scene, is in a different country. Sadly we never got beyond pilot stage.

A few years later a series called Beckinfield did a similar thing, though wasn't quite as ambitious in the editing and production method.
The Memory Dealer
The Memory Dealer, Pervasive Drama, 2010, 2013
Funded by Towards Pervasive Media, Nottingham University, Arts Council, Digital Cultures Research Centre.

Somewhere between theatre, game and out-of-body-experience, The Memory Dealer, is a pervasive drama that was first staged in the streets of central Nottingham. Players experienced the drama through a series of media either on a mobile device or in the environment and through encounters with actors. They found themselves engaged in a role within the story. Website

The Memory Dealer was staged in Bristol in 2013 as part of MAYFEST. You can see some reviews here
the memory dealer